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4 Ways to Make an Extra Room Without Renovations  

Planning for an addition to the family can mean the end of your man cave. Even without a new baby, you could need room family or a friend may need a place to crash for a few weeks. Either way, you need a quick and cheap way to make an extra room. That means building is off the table, but don’t sweat it. Many DIY ideas give affordable options to make an extra room without renovations.

  1. Make use of your garage

A garage would make for a sweet workspace or extra bedroom. You’ll have to put a little work into getting the area room-ready. It still won’t cost as much as adding on. That is if you have a good structure from the start. If no major problems exist with the roof, wiring, or wall structures, you’re off to a great start already. Once you get the okay, you can transform your garage in no time.

  1. Use a partition

If you’re not ready for a garage sized DIY project, start with something small. A partition is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add a room. It’s simple to create a sense of privacy with closures. You can even divide a large room into two. These room dividers come in many designs, sizes, and colors. You can find freestanding dividers, folding ones, or partitions attached to a track.

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  1. Install interior sliding doors

Most people use sliding doors outdoors for patios or sun room separations. There are also beautiful, well built indoor sliding doors. An area that was once an open space can become a private room. You can use this technique to make several small or large closures throughout your home. The sliding door gives a hassle free option to have it as an open or closed space as needed. It also controls noise level. That’s a benefit you won’t have with partitions.

  1. Start taking advantage of underused space

Think about all the unforgotten spaces and rooms in your home. Do you have an old work room or office you don’t use much? The kids may have outgrown their playroom or game room. Get more out of the room you’re paying for instead of piling it with junk and dust. Another growing trend is to convert an attic or basement. Start small and work your way up to a more useful home.

You can find yourself in need of more room in your home for many reasons. Whether you’re planning for a roommate or bed and breakfast, you can do it within your means. Cost conscious solutions like indoor sliding doors give the private space you need. If you want to take it a step further, convert unused spaces like the garage. Review your home and budget, then decide which option you’re ready for.