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Basics Of Image Retouch For Beginners 


Technology is advancing with every passing day. The same is the case of the visual art and the digital editing industry. Every month, a new camera is launched with improved features. But, the beauty of the picture lies in the photographer. A camera may have several limitations. But you can use image retouch (รับซ่อมภาพ, which is the term in Thai) services to improve the color tone and visual appeal of the picture.

What Is Image Retouching?

Image retouch plays a pivotal role whenever you work with products, models, or natural images. You can enhance the beauty of any type of picture considerably and intensify the glamour of the products. The most common software used to retouch images is Photoshop. You can change the light exposure, contrast, brightness, color tone, and other details of the image. 

Categories And Procedures Of Image Retouching

There are various categories of digital image retouching. The spots, dust, and scratches are removed from the image through this process. The different types of product support removal are:

  • Clip Removal
  • Stand Removal
  • Glue Removal
  • String Removal
  • Mannequin/Doll Removal
  • Pattern Removal

Tools Used

Patch Tool

This tool is used to clean up imperfections or flaws in an image. Some of the most common imperfections in portrait photography are scar, blemishes, age spots, stray hairs on the face, redness, and veins in the eyes. Most of the professionals use Photoshop Patch Tool for clearing imperfections. 

Burn And Dodge Tool

This tool is used to enhance the eye area. You can brighten the iris, darken the eyebrows, highlight the brow bone, clean up the whites, and darken or fill in the eyebrows. It is used like a woman who uses makeup to enhance the natural features. Thus, overuse of this tool can destroy the images as well.

Hue/ Saturation

The image looks perfect with a white smile. You can use this tool to brighten the teeth of the portrait image.

Nose Filter And Gaussian Blur

You should not overuse this tool. Otherwise, the image will look like plastic surgery. Don’t smoothen the lines around the nose, dimples, and smile lines.

Curve Layer Levels

Color correcting is highly essential. It can make a considerable difference between a dull photo and a bright photo.  It is even used when the metering is not perfect.


Thus, image retouch is vital to suit the photography business. It adds attractiveness and enhances the quality of the image. With simple software, your picture can look magnificent.