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Can Online Gaming Affect Your Way Of Thinking?

In the fast-evolving contemporary world, most people have switched from playing offline games to their corresponding online adaptations or versions. Online Gaming is a readily available mode of entertainment and can be accessed from any location you like. Irrespective of what you are doing and where you are, it saves time and money too.

Digitisation of the gaming industry has been a revolutionising change in the modern-day. However, it has given way to one crucial question that everyone wants an honest answer for – Can online Gaming affect your way of thinking? The answer is, it certainly can! Though, whether this change is negative or positive depends entirely on an individual.

One of the main points of distinction between the good and bad effects of Online Gaming is the amount of time and effort you are giving to it. 

The Positive Effects 

  • Playing the right kind of Online Games can not only exercise your brain but also help you develop your way of thinking. Several online games are bound to make you think and work hard to win.
  • Intricate online games can improve your hand and eye coordination to an unimaginable level. Online games like Rummy can go a long way in making you calm your taxed nerves, as they are bound to take you into a very different, intriguing and fun world, while also simultaneously exercising your thoughts.
  • Numerous online games involve creating strategies. In the long run, this will help you tackle different life situations well and make crucial decisions in a fast and efficient manner. This practice will slowly but surely impart your decision-making with considerable accuracy.
  • Your management skills will improve significantly. You will learn improvisation and adaptability with every game you play. Combine this with a pinch of the ability to multi-task, and your nerves would never get the better of you.  

The Negative Effects-

  • ‘’Internet Gaming Disorder” or ISG is regarded as a condition where the gamer continuously plays online games because of an inexplicable addictiveness. This unbalanced pattern of making Online Gaming your most prioritised activity is extremely harmful. But this can be avoided if you follow responsible gaming practices.


As is possible, with almost every other thing on this planet, online Gaming can affect your thinking in a good and a wrong way. Online Gaming certainly improves your perseverance and cognitive thinking. People can use online Gaming as a platform, to socialise and learn communication skills.

Hence, it can make you improve your innate abilities or discover hidden talents. However, if the urge for online Gaming gets the better of you and you keep playing all the time, you would not be able to think rationally or reasonably.

Your ability to think will get clouded by the effects of the game alone, and this will ultimately reflect in your actions, undoubtedly. Having all that said, one can always use everything to his/her benefit. Do not dwell in excess, and Online Gaming can very well be a learning experience for you!