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Consider The Types of Towels When Looking For New Towels

There is a wide variety of type and quality of towels used in hotels in America. There is also a move to use more American made products, but even then, the materials may come from somewhere else. When you are getting hotel towels wholesale, you still may not want to or have to, settle for the very best quality on the market. Higher end hotels want to pamper their guests, and high-quality comfortable towels are a great way to do that.  Budget type hotels may want something less expensive, but still, want to have towels that are decent enough. At both ends of the spectrum, you can get your hotel towels wholesale to get the best deal possible.

Most towels are made of cotton, and there are some polyester type towels that are similar to cotton and work well enough. There are a lot of different kinds of cotton, and different types of materials used in hotel towels wholesale.

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Here are some types of cotton and other materials often used.

  • Bamboo: Bamboo towels come from bamboo fibers and may be combined with cotton. These are a bit exotic, but these are very lush feeling, absorbent and hold their colors well.
  • Egyptian: This is a special cotton grown in Egypt that makes the best towels you can get. These towels are the most highly absorbent and extremely comfortable and luxurious feeling when coming out of a shower. A bonus is these type towels last a long time.
  • Organic Cotton: This is as the name implies, cotton grown without any added chemicals or fertilizer.  These are very earth friendly, and if that defines your clientele, it could be a good way to go.
  • Microfiber: Many American made towels are made of a blend of polyester and cotton.  This type towel is very absorbent and can clean off dry skin, dust makeup, and various oils well.
  • Pima: This is an American version of Egyptian cotton. It is the same plant but grown in the dry areas of the southwestern United States. it has similar qualities, very strong and absorbent.
  • Turkish: Turkish bath towels are made of long fibers like the ones from Egypt, but these are made of cotton from Turkey. The cotton is soft but strong, so you get a very luxurious feel with a very high-quality towel.  It is not as absorbent as an Egyptian cotton towel but may be the second best in this area.

When choosing towels, consider the kind of cotton you want to use or even if you want to use a microfiber for your hotel towels. Considering the kind of cotton, and the tastes of your clientele will help you make the best choices for hotel towels wholesale.