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Experience these unique money withdrawal methods with Big Cash and GetMega

The possibilities of gaming have been plenty in a world where gaming does not only stay within the boundaries of entertainment but also opens doors of opportunities for professional gamers. Yes, you have heard that right! With your efficiencies and proficiencies in gaming, you would be able to earn real money. You can play the games and learn how to score big and earn more money. But how is it possible to withdraw the money from the account? In case you are planning to download GetMega or Big Cash, it is imperative to learn the best process of withdrawing your money after earning it. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in acquiring the chances of withdrawing the money from the online mode.

Features of GetMega And Big Cash 

Here are the different features of Big Cash and GetMega. If you want to learn further on this front, let’s read more:

  • Download Big Cash App or GetMega app on the device
  • To log in, you need to open the application & click on the log in option with your FB application. You can urge Rs. 10 and Rs. 5 bonus respectively
  • You must be 18 years of age to play on the app and use the Big Cash and GetMega
  • You need to continue with your Facebook profile
  • Choose the game & you may play together with the friends and can become a part of the match
  • Now, you need to score high to win and in case you win then the winning will instantly go to the wallet at the end of your contest

Steps to withdraw money from the app

Here are the steps that you need to take for withdrawing money from the application:

  • Right after the time you log in, you will be able to link the PayTM account number on the registered mobile number
  • Now, after you add your PayTM account, you will receive a message that displays the term: congratulations. PayTM money gets credited to the account very soon. Let’s remind you something: processing fee is applied.
  • They cut the 9% withdrawal fee. Let’s take the example of withdrawing around Rs. 1000 and get Rs. 910. 

With Big Cash, you need to earn the money now. The application offers exciting kinds of games that you can play and earn the PayTM money! This application comprises league games and mini games. The mini-games such as bulb smash, car racing, and more. You will be able to create the IPL cricket team and just in case the team does extremely well then you get a chance to win a higher quantity of cash. You can play the games additionally in case you are sensible at them. You will be able to earn by referring to family and friends. You will be paid around Rs. 15 for every friend whom you refer. It is recommended to register your name on a Big Cash application and earn real money. Now, coming to the legendary question: how will you be able to withdraw money from the application?

So, now that you have understood the importance of acquiring knowledge in order to withdraw money from the Big Cash app, you will be able to proceed seamlessly. The only thing that you need to consider is to have a consideration of the game that suits you best for you. If you are selecting the GetMega app, it may be excellent because the app provides you with a multitude of games. And much to the knowledge of fans, withdrawing the earned money is not at all daunting. So, if you are considering learning more on this front, please visit the official website and work accordingly.