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Few Inputs For Those Who Travel to Thailand

Thailand catches the attraction of many tourists in Asia. The nightlife and beaches allure every individual and a must to visit the place. Before traveling several planning needs to be done including the currency and check https://exradar.com/en/thailand/currency/usd to know the currency rates.

Inputs For You


First thing first and you must know about cash as soon after you enter Thailand that immigration authorities will advise you have a minimum of 10,000 Baht cash with you. Know the rates using the https://exradar.com/en/thailand/currency/usd and plan accordingly. But, they won’t check and merely a suggestion they provide for which you can say you have money and can handle things on your own.

Then move to an ATM and withdraw cash. All the ATM in Thailand will accept debit cards from another country, and you can make money with a transaction fee of 150 Baht for VISA card and 180 Baht for Master Card.

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Do remember not to exchange case in the Airport for their rates.

How to Reach Thailand

Book a flight ticket, and you need a minimum of two weeks duration to visit all places in Thailand. Getting visa is quick and straightforward. Try and book tickets in Bangkok Airways, Malaysian Airlines, or Srilankan Airlines.

Book using the airways websites directly and not use any online agents. Plan for your travel in Thailand for other places than Bangkok and arrange local flight booking. Remember to pre-book baggage for 15 KGs and save 600 Baht.

Sight-Seeing In Thailand

It’s time to take a look at the places in Thailand a land that can offer a lot to all the tourists. Taxi is not the only option in Bangkok, and you can roam around the city using the metro services. They are quick and easy connecting the town, and you can enjoy.  Use the Bangkok train maps and have all the details to travel safely.

Also, know that the tickets can be booked either at the BKK Airport called as Swarnabhoomi or the DMK Airport called BKK. But, there is a shuttle service between two airports, and you can make use of them to move from one terminal to another.

Tuk Cabs are another mode of road transport for you to travel around the city.

Thus, plan your trip know the places you want to travel and arrange for cash accordingly. Enjoy your trip by covering many areas in Thailand and not miss any fun.