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FSTVL 2017

The FSTVL 2017 music event is taking place on the 27th and 28th May 2017 and promises to be an energising mix of UK and worldwide electronic music with exceptional headliners.

The event is in its 5th year and is situated in the Airfield of Dreams in Upminster near to London.

For ease of reference the airfield is known locally as the Damyn’s Hall Aerodrome so you may get some funny looks if you ask someone who isn’t festival wise where the Airfield of Dreams is.

Since the first festival the event has grown and visitors can expect high production values, state of the art technology and sound quality.

They run shuttle buses from the local station to the festival ground for convenience. FSTVL has proven to be immensely popular for hen nights in past years.

As the organisers state on their website at FSTVL expect “unapologetic raving.”

Revellers can camp near the airfield and if you need to ensure that the food and drinks that you are taking on to the festival ground are consumable without fear of food poisoning then please choose a mobile fridge.

It’s worth planning ahead so that you can optimise event enjoyment. The alternative option is to stay in a hotel but that’s not really a preference for enthusiastic festival goers or dancing hens on their big night out, is it?

There will be food and drink and ATM’s at the festival ground and if you are one of the lucky food vendors who will be feeding the hungry ravers then please don’t forget that you need to meet Food Standards Agency and health and safety requirements so you’ll need refrigeration and perhaps freezer facilities for stock storage, whether it’s burgers, salad stuff, dairy or ready to eat meats.

The ideal business solution when you’re positioned in the middle of a festival ground is to invest in fridge trailer rental and freezer trailer hire.

This proves to be cost effective and offers peace of mind.

As all stock is being treated in line with legislation there should be a hugely diminished risk of customer complaints or worse, illness.

Most firms, including the highly esteemed Icecool Trailers in Newbury deliver the fridge trailer rental or freezer trailer hire unit to the required destination and position it on the festival ground.

The equipment is set up for the client and left in full working order. The units are fully maintained so you should receive excellent facilities.

Their delivery and installation work takes a lot of stress and additional work from you, firms appreciate that you are busy. They’re happy to help.

You use the facilities for the festival and the firm will collect the mobile fridge or freezer and return it to the depot leaving you to get on with your day.

The obvious benefit is that petrol and transportation costs are not incurred by the user.

FSTVL is only a few wintery months away, book your mobile fridge hire now and sit back and relax.