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Give Your Business a Present This Christmas

It’s often overlooked but postage costs paid by a business can far exceed what they could pay with a revision of methods, a little time and investment.

It’s understandable that postage costs don’t dominate thoughts in a busy day but your business can run more effectively, you’ll reduce overheads and enjoy free advertising benefits as a result of changing from stamps to franking machines.

Business supplies experts know that a Royal Mail franking machine costs £1000 or more to purchase and so rental is often a client’s preference.

We are unique in the UK for offering both options, it’s a welcome flexibility.

A franking machine hire fee can be as little or as much as your budget and usage demands permit.

You could realistically use average rental charges of £16.99 per month as you consider franking. This, over a 12month period will equal £203.88 rental costs.

Credit for the franking machine is managed by you and can be uploaded via the hire company’s online resources for franking machines and their consumables.

Royal Mail franking machines are available through licensed firms like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston and to be eligible for their best pricing structure Royal Mail insist that new machines are smart technology enabled.

This means that you’re able to enjoy VAT reclaim, new reporting tools and online facilities which their extensive and ongoing development work has enabled.

Franking machines can only be used by staff with access permission so they are more secure than a supply of stamps which any staff member might sneakily use. Cost centres are also programmable.

If you have a smart franking machine and use Royal Mail’s Mailmark system you will save a considerable amount on the cost of postage compared to mail stamped in the traditional manner.

Here’s an example that proves even small business users will benefit:

For 20 X 1st class small envelopes under 100 grams:

20 stamps at 64 pence each: £12.80

20 franked envelopes at 53 pence each: £10.60

20 Mailmark franked envelopes at 51 pence each: £10.20

Total saving with just 20 items of post is £2.60. Can your business truly afford to lose that amount every 20 pieces of mail?

If you are a high usage Mailmark franking machine client, say with 500 items of small 1st class post weekly you can save hugely.

500 X 64 pence: £320.

500 X 51 pence: £255.

That’s a nice saving.

You have the freedom to pre-program slogans, logos and messages so this allows free advertising. Tell everyone “sale now on” without eating in to the marketing budget. Another saving.

It’s worth knowing that whilst you can print franked mail costs straight on to an envelope it’s recommended that to eliminate the likelihood if ink bleed on to the documents inside an envelope that labels are used.

These are cost effective and help to present a more professional image.

The choice is yours, lose money with stamps or gain benefits with franking machines.