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Hassle free shopping in US

You are one of those shopaholic people who can live without food but cannot live without shopping. You do not care whether the online shopping store is situated in any other part of the world or in US. You forget that the stores situated in US can send the merchandise at lower cost if the delivery address is in US and for merchandises to be delivered in other parts of the world at a very high tariff. You need not to worry as the solution to your problem is just a click away. All you have to do is to visit Purchase Express LLC. They will help you in providing quick delivery of goods at an affordable cost.

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How does it work?

  • Select an address from the list of addresses: The first step to shopping from US based online stores is this that you have to select a forwarding address which is based in the US. This address will be used to receive your stock which you purchased from the online stores. You can visit us to know more.
  • Place your order with the US based address: The second step is to purchase the products from the various US based online stores, using the US based forwarding address.
  • Receiving your merchandise: Your ordered stock is being received at your mailing address. The company who is handling your transaction receives your stock and intimates the same to you and you can also see the status of your order.
  • Waiting for your instructions: The transaction company waits for your instructions as when and where you want the merchandise to be delivered to you. The moment your instructions are received, your shipment is re booked to your destination.
  • Repacking of your orders: The repacking of the different packets is converted into one or two packets. This is done to take the maximum advantage of the tariff chart.
  • Order finally booked to your destination: Your ordered stock is finally packed to your destination without fail.