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How Can Air Conditioning Cleaning Spray Help You To Maintain Your Air Conditioners?

The filters, coils, drain of a regular air conditioner requires proper maintenance for the effective and efficient functioning of the unit. Maintenance of an air conditioner is as important as the maintenance of a vehicle, neglecting it will lead to a gradual depreciation in the performance of the air conditioning thereby increasing the energy consumption. 

  • Air Conditioner Radiators

Cleaning the filters is necessary for maintaining the air conditioner efficiently. Clogged or dirty filters tend to block the normal airflow reducing the unit’s efficiency significantly. The dirt and debris get accumulated in the slits, obstructing the normal airflow. Air that passes through the filters might hold the dirt and carry it forward to the evaporation duct. This is the long run affects the heat-absorbing ability adversely.

Cleaning the filter with an air conditioner cleaning spray [ เปร ย์ ทํา ความ สะอาด แอร์, which is the term in Thai] will help to remove the malicious dust particles and prevent the filter from consuming extra energy. It is important to clean the filter once every month to ensure the efficient working of the system. In case of heavy usage or furry pets in the place, the filters would require more attention.

Radiators can also be cleaned using spray to ensure the effective functioning of the system.

  • Air Conditioner Coils

The debris that gets accumulated on the coil since it is outside can affect the functioning of the coil. It is advised to remove the debris, as the suction created by the fan will pull things into the coils. Cleaning the filter will prevent the soiling of the evaporator coil which reduces the airflow, thereby insulating the coil which diminishes the capacity to intake heat. To dodge this issue, it’s necessary to clean the coil with an air conditioner cleaning spray at least once a year. 

  • Air Conditioner Fans

It can be sprayed to clean the fan without affecting the quality of the material of the fan. These cleaners and sprays settle down on the coils, radiators, drains, and filters thereby cleaning them for the effective working of the air conditioner and passing the air providing a good cooling atmosphere and avoiding extra energy consumption. 

They help to get rid of the micro bacteria present in the filters which cause unpleasant smells and atmosphere. The cleaning process is done without corroding the material which ensures the longevity of the unit. It’ll also help to avoid costly repairs