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Indicators that its time to replace your boiler


Boilers are meant to last for 10-15 years but under different circumstances, they may last fewer years or more depending on maintenance and how you have been taking care of the boiler. Many homeowners do not think about their boiler until something happens or when it stops working. Although it is a requirement to maintain and have regular gas checks, it is only a few people adhere to this. This is a very serious mistake many people end up with damaged boilers that are beyond repair. Maintaining your boiler is one way to make sure that it lasts long and works perfectly fine. It is important to check your boiler regularly to know when a repair is needed and when a replacement is necessary. So, how will you know that your boiler needs to be replaced? Here are some of the signs

Your energy bills keep skyrocketing

When you realize that your energy bills are always high, there is a high chance that something is wrong with your boiler. During winter, it is common to have high energy bills but during warm seasons, it can be very uncommon for your bills to be high than usual. High energy bills should be a sign that you need to check your boiler and its performance. If you do not have a clue about how to diagnose the issue, you can as well call an expert who will help you identify the problem. In most cases, your boiler may not be working well and a replacement is what’s needed.

The cost of heating and repair is going up

If you are always calling Vaillant boiler repair to repair your boiler that’s an indicator that you need to replace your boiler. It may be expensive to buy another boiler but that’s better than using a lot of money on repairs now and then. Sometimes the repairs are costly and the only solution is to replace the system at once. If you add your repair bills and find out that it costs almost what the new boiler costs, it is time to think about getting a new one.


When there is visible corrosion on your system, that is an indicator that you should also replace the boiler. Although boilers are made in a way that they can resist corrosion for years, there comes a time when the corrosion gets its way. If you spot visible corrosion, that is an indicator that you need to replace the boiler. If there are leaks and even broken valves, getting a new boiler should be the best solution. 

The age of the boiler

Boilers have a lifespan of 10-15 years. When you maintain your boiler well, it may last a little bit longer. When your boiler hits 15 years, that’s the time when you should start thinking about getting a new one. It may extend its services but sooner or later, you will have to consider replacing it. Therefore, the age of your boiler also matters a lot.