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Jon Queen Amatex Capital And Their Plan of Successful Ukrainian Business Development

While dealing with business operations, one has to make sure about various investment options which can help in complex business transactions. Jon Queen with his vast knowledge of economics and investment marketing helps in getting higher business opportunities.

Opportunity to work with Amatex

After completion of his graduation from Cornell University, Jon started doing his doctorate from University of Pennsylvania Law School. He received Juris doctorate which gave him the required expertise and recognition in the area of Finance. Jon also joined Wharton School to do a course in the Cross-Disciplinary Program and Business and Public Policy Studies. His remarkable progress and his learning attitude helped him in improvising his knowledge. He also did MBA from Kyiv School of Economics which made him outstanding business professional.

Queen was offered an opportunity to work with Amatex Capital which is one of the leading equity firms of Ukraine. It was started by the Ukrainian self-made businessman Alexandr Shkarupa in the year 2015. He is a businessman having years of experience in the field of business development opportunities. Amatex offers better investment options and arbitrage options for investment in Ukraine.

Jon Queen Amatex Capital has changed the business environment in Ukraine rapidly in last few years. The value-added cooperation from the Ukrainian government has always encouraged Amatex in dealing with various investment and business development opportunities.  The company mainly deals in oil and gas related field and exploring new opportunities which can give more options for extending the work opportunities.  Most of the Ukrainian businessmen and the industrials are hopeful of better business prospects in the near future. The Ukrainian government to while dealing with the professional approach of Jon Queen Amatex Capital have extended their collaboration and offering additional aid to support the funds and finances for the upcoming projects.

The entire team including Jon Queen Amatex Capital is highly qualified and well-experienced businessmen, advisors and consultants. Teamwork of professionals study the entire business requirements of various businesses relating to commercial real estate, steel industries and the other market areas including multinational companies and firms, the investment opportunities which are mainly based on global scale. It has certainly helped Ukraine in getting attention from the entire world in the future business plans and opportunities.

Getting foreign investment

Jon Queen with his vast knowledge in finance and investments and his professional approach with front and back office investment have given many new reliable business strategies. Jon Queen Amatex Capital as a part of investment banking, corporate finance, and business development strategies, offered help to the private and public agencies, placement firms and corporate advisory.

The team members spent time in understanding the business requirements and also understand the capabilities of private and government agencies which can bring more foreign and direct investments. Also understanding the Ukrainian business environment and attempting to improve the business climate as a part of development strategy.

Jon Queen Amatex Capital also offers support in dealing with various corporate finances, investors, legal experts and making strategic partnership deals with American companies. It certainly enhances the business development prospects and also overcomes the critical areas of business which is highly beneficial.