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Manage your business without limits with the Tekmetric shop management system

The founders and owners of Motorwerks Auto Groups recently released their comprehensive shop management system to the market. The two entrepreneurs said that this software seeks to help business owners unlock the full potential of their business. Tekmetric has a lot of features that are very useful to those looking to manage their business better, improve its efficiency and maximize their profits. The software developers, Sunil Patel, and Prasanth Chikuluri have been in the auto repair business for more than two decades. The enthusiastic businessmen are looking forward to changing the industry for the better through their new software.

Improving workflow management

Patel and Chilukuri said that their shop management system, Tekmetric was designed to improve workflow management for the auto repair shops drastically. With over two decades of experience, they said that they knew what they need to do to optimize their software for this function. Optimize it for workflow management they did. Tekmetric management system brings powerful tools to help you as a business and shop owner significantly improve your workflow. These workflow management enhancing tools will enable you to:

Create repair orders and their estimates in minutes – This will help your business save a lot of staff-hours that can be rededicated to productivity thus improving the shop’s efficiency and profitability.

Integrate your businesses’ OEM parts and labor times – This means that you can be able to run your shop efficiently and therefore increasing your profit margins. You are also going to have delighted employees thanks to the efficient labor time management.

Get instant reports on your businesses’ progress and profits – You can access the reports and use the Tekmetric shop management system to make necessary changes to your business strategy. These changes will propel your business to even more exceptional performance.

Use a single sign-on to manage multiple shops – A feature which is very useful to shop owners who have multiple shops. Having a superb management platform courtesy of Tekmetric will help you easily monitor your outlets to make sure that they always perform at their best. You can also get good discounts from manufacturers by ordering OEM parts for your outlets in bulk.

The ability to go paperless in doing your businesses’ estimating, invoicing and authorization – You can be able to cut down on paper cost which can be pretty significant if you own many shops. The saved mo’ney can add up to your profit margins.

Manage your shop with no limits

Apart from improving your workflow management, Tekmetric allows you to manage your business without limits. This is made possible by the numerous additional features built into this system. These other features will enable you to:

Schedule customer appointments – Tekmetric has a customer appointment’s function built in it. This feature allows you to schedule customer appointments, set up upcoming events and organize your calendar.

Create customizable rates – There always comes a time in business when you feel like rewarding your loyal customers with discounts. This shop management system allows you to do that by creating customizable rates for your customers.

Messaging – Good communication is the pillar of any successful business. Tekmetric allows you to send both individual and bulk SMS and email to your customers and employees directly from the platform. You can take advantage of this feature when informing your customers and employees of either discounts and bonuses respectively among other communication.

Run Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) – Tekmetric allows your shop to run DVI inspections thanks to its in-built vehicle inspection feature. The software also allows you to document vehicle findings and also upload related photos. Using Tekmetric, you can even create custom vehicle inspections.