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Random VS strategy


Whatever your game of choice, the casino is always based above all on luck and chance. Some games leave more room for strategy than others, provided you know the subtleties. Whatever strategy you decide to use, always try to test them with free bet offers.

Slot Machine

To play slot machines, you need to insert your chips and then activate the mechanism that will rotate the slots. Despite legends, there is no strategy: at best, it will be limited to your bets, but the outcome will depend only on the chance!

Be careful, therefore, because even if you would have the impression, you will have no real hold on your earnings: your best strategy will, therefore, be to impose limits and stop before you have lost too much. Indeed, slot machines involve a particularly substantial risk of addiction to gambling.


There are many famous martingales theoretically allowing to beat roulette, but which in practice would require an infinite fortune! Without using these methods, a semblance of strategy is possible, which will at least allow you to give coherence to your game. You can thus modulate your level of risk (and at the same time, your winnings/bet ratio) by betting on:

1 single number (full)

2 numbers (horse)

3 numbers (transverse)

4 numbers (square)

1 in 2 chance reports such as Black or Red, Even or Odd, Lack or Pass

The game of the ball is a variant which offers lower ratios, but also more chances of winning at the time of a bet on a full number because the figures go simply from 1 to 9. As with roulette, you can also bet on red, black, miss, pass, even or odd (in other words a single chance). Also note that its access is free while that of roulette is paid, wagers not included, in most casinos.