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The Best Photo Editing Apps In 2020

At the moment I mainly use the Adobe Lightroom app on my phone for editing photos. But many other options are also very nice to use. It mainly depends on what you want to do with it. Below are the best photo editing apps sequel to a free pc photo editor of the moment. Choose the app that suits you best, or combine a few apps for the result you have in mind. Have fun experimenting!

Adobe Lightroom

My holy grail in photo editing with my smartphone is the Adobe Lightroom app at the moment. You do need an Adobe account to use this, but otherwise it is largely free to use. Some options are paid, but those are the extensive options that you usually won’t need.


Snapseed is one of the first photo editing apps I installed. Years ago! And I still use this app regularly. Simply because it is super extensive and has options that virtually no other app has. For example, it has a built-in HDR simulation, different effects (dramatic, glamor, vintage, retro, grunge, etc.) and you can add frames and text. But there’s more!

A Color Story

The A Color Story app is currently booming in Instagram country. You will also recognize it immediately when you are working on it. A beautifully designed photo editing app with which you have many options. It is also a very smart app like a free pc photo editor. You can unlock options by, for example, subscribing to the newsletter, following their Instagram account or downloading free extras. You have to pay for many other options in the program, but you can also use this program without paying.


You have probably heard of VSCO Cam before. This app has been extremely popular for a while and is still very nice to use. Especially because it has very nice filters that give your photos something extra.