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The rapid increase in the usage of plastic bags:

Many years back people use animal skin to make bags in order to store and carry different things from one place to another. Nowadays also bag producing companies use animal skin cotton leather, plastic and different material to make these bags. It makes life easier to carry loose materials such as groceries, food, clothes etc. Bags making company generate a lot of profit as almost every industry using bags in different ways for example different food restaurants use hot food plastic bag [ถุงร้อน , which is the term in Thai]  which keep your food fresh and hot for long time. According to the research from past few weeks it has been noted that the usage of plastic bags is increasing rapidly. Plastic bags producing company are in great profit as every utility store near you use these plastic bags but it is also predicted that plastic bags will be replaced by paper bags in future. As plastic bags can have negative effect on nature as well as human body.

The negative effect of plastic bags:

Plastics bags are made up of polyethylene but there are different types of polyethylene such as high and low-density polyethylene. This plastic can have a negative effect on nature in such a way when the garbage gets dump into the water (sea) it releases different chemicals which results in water pollution. It also gets stuck in different sewage lines and can disturb the whole process. From health point of view many food restaurants use these plastics bags for packing food and according to the study if you pour hot food in plastic bag it can cause cancer. Because different chemicals release when plastic gets hot.

For what purpose you can use plastics bag:

While taking health security into account avoid using plastics bags for carrying food. But one can use plastic bag in a form Zip lock bag [ถุงซิปล็อก , which is the term in Thai] in order to store different pieces of jewelry and other non-eatable items.