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Tips to Style Your Pearl Jewelry Set

Pearls are not restricted to the wealthy and the royalty. You can create your own set of style and fashion, with these few tips. Pearls are very fluid elements that seamlessly fit into any particular style statement, be it boho, chic, formal or classy. It takes a little bit of your patience and oodles of your creativity to get your fit.


Chokers could be minimalistic or statement in their designs. Minimalistic delicate chokers teams well with your denims and floral summer dress. The statement chokers make you the centre of attention at the party.

Jacket earrings

The design of this jacket earring can be both boho and formal. A simple design made of a single pearl on a twist of metal gives a cool girly, yet an elegant persona.

Double ball earrings

Bring your strong, yet feminine side to the work-place with these cuties. This is simple and delicate. This can pair off with any outfit and hairdo. This goes well even with a messy bun or a casual sweater over your denims. This is a must, in your pearl jewelry set.

Multi-layered necklace

This is the classic jewelry piece that any woman, who is crazy about pearls, should own. This gives you a preppy look. And, show off your bohemian side with ease, by opting for a necklace with different colours of pearls. If you choose a single colour, it goes well with your professional attire.

Single strand necklace

The epitome of beauty and elegance is inherent in a single strand of similar-colour pearls, which comes till the hollow of your throat. A stand of white pearls with your LBD is a match made in heaven. Throw in pair pearl studs to complete the look.

Statement necklace

It is a belief that statement jewelry is bold pieces, suitable only for the glamour of the parties. However, you can opt for subtle designs in pearls to give a rich look to your professional attire. Also, your summer dresses would be happy to have a touch of pearls.


Pearls are for every woman. It is an epitome of strength and class. It is a reflection of the character inside. An aesthetic selection of pearl jewelry in your possession is a timeless heirloom.