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Top Directors OfTelegu Cinema-Koratala Siva


Korata Siva is among the best directors in the Tollywood film industry, though Korata has only directed four films he is among the directors that are most acclaimed and above that very respected in the film industry of Tollywood. He had worked as a screenwriter in several films such as Oosaravelli, Brindavanam, Okkadunadu, Simha, Girlfriend, Munna, and Bhadra before he directed any film. The successes of the films that he screen wrote pave the way for Korata to earn a seat among the directors and started tackling films. All movies he directed became hits and blockbusters.

Korata is of an Indian origin and very known for his work in screen screenwriting, and he started his job to direct movies by starring Prabhas Raj in Mirch in the year 2013 and the year 2015 again he released another movie Srimanthudu both of this films were a great success. They received awards, i.e., six awards of IIFA, film fare south awards, and SIIMA awards. Lastly, he directed Janatha Garage this film grossed 135 crores and a distributor amount of shares estimated to be 60 crores during the first week of its release

Before engaging himself in film work, Korata worked an engineer in software and worked under his uncle as an assistant in screenwriting. Many Telugu Movies Online


This film starts in Italy, whereby Prabhas, known as Jai, is sharpening his guitar playing skills, a girl that is being chased by a gang runs to him and asks him to help her out. However, Jai resolves the conflict without fighting; the girl then tells Jai that her name is Manasa. They start their friendship slowly, but one day she tells Jai not to see her anymore, for she is afraid that she cannot handle their separation if their bond goes more in-depth. Jai travels back to India where he succeeds in changing bad behaviors of Manasa’s brother Poorma and when the school closes poorma tags along with Jai to their village for the vacation


HarshaVardhan is the one to inherit all of his father’s wealth and an empire worth 250 billion crores. He joins a university and takes a course in Rural Development after meeting Charuseela at the birthday party of his friend. Charuseela wants to apply the use of technology in her remote village of Uttarandhra to benefit it. A friendship develops between the two, and within no time, they fall in love.

The resources that are natural in the village of Charuseela are being taken away by a brother to the central minster this has caused many people to flee the village and go to the cities to look for a better life

Bharat AneNeru

Bharat is a curious and very brilliant student; he graduates with a 5th degree from the university of oxford. After the celebrations for his graduation are over, he is told by his uncle that his father who is the chief minister has passed away suffering from stroke these causes Bharat to fly home

When Bharat was a child, he was closer to his mother and his friend, who is now the president of the party. His scold him after he breaks a promise that he thinks is small and he is reminded of how essential commitments are. Bharat’s mother dies while sleeping; this impacts Bharat in Avery great way.

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