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What is warzone, and what to know about the in-game features?

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Introduction to warzone


You would be familiar with a series of games developed by the producers of Call of duty. In March 2020, they release a version named Call of duty: warzone that comes as a part of the game’s previous hit, Modern warfare. But you need not have the first paid-version game to play this free-to-play thing. Anyone having an Xbox One, a PS4, or a windows computer can play this game if he knows how to play. The gameplay will also be simple and resemble many of the games in the same genre. There will be two modes of play as battle royale and plunder. If you do not want to face the fearsome and heavily action-packed version of the game, you can go for the plunder version. There will not be any restrictions in this variation like the number of respawns and shrinking map. Your only goal will be to accumulate cash through loots, kills, contract completion, and many more ways. However, a battle royale will justify its name. There will be an action-packed competition between you and the other players to survive at the end of the game. The green gas area will be shrinking, and you have to be inside the region to live. Once you are out of the gas region, your health will reduce drastically, and die. However, you can hold on up to 10 seconds out of the gas if you have gas masks. You would be familiar with the number of warzone hacks to make the game simpler. Apart from these basics, you must know some of the features and components of the game to have a better gaming experience. Let us discuss some of these in this article.


In-game things to know in warzone


Cash – It is a component of the economy in the warzone, and you cannot buy anything if you do not have it. You can find cash decks somewhere around the map, or you can get this by completing contracts during your game. Killing people may also drop you cash that you can grab. 


Armor plate – Your health is vital in any mode of the game. If you go bare, each pistol can rip off your body, and you will die in the first shot. To prevent you from sudden death and provide you some time to revive, there will be two armor plates with you by default. You can also get more plates during the game through buy stations and loots. If you have Armor Satchel, you can hold up to eight armor plates as a reserve.


Buy station – It is the hub from which you can buy equipment and dead people in return for cash. It will act as a store. 


Vehicles – You can use vehicles like ATV, SUV, Heli, Cargo truck, and Tac Rover. 


Progression – All the equipment and items you earn during the warzone game will be with you in Modern warfare through a progression system.