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What Tasks Can You Complete With a Distribution Conveyor System?

If you are starting up a warehouse or distribution center, you may be interested in purchasing a distribution conveyor system. These systems have many benefits and can be used a number of different ways to help you business. Here are three of the tasks that you can complete with this type of system.

Order Fulfillment

One of the primary features that a distribution conveyor system can help accomplish is order fulfillment. This type of system makes fulfilling customer orders faster and easier than ever before. The distribution system takes totes, bags or cartons and distributes them to the part of your warehouse where the inventory that is needed to fulfill the order is kept. From there, your employees can grab the needed product, place it in the bag, tote or carton and send it on its way to another part of the warehouse or to be shipped off to the end customer.

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Automated Trash Disposal

Another feature that a conveyor system can help to complete in your warehouse is automated trash disposal. Not every conveyor system is designed to accommodate trash pick-up and removal. But many are. If you select one with this feature, your employees can load up trash from various parts of the warehouse onto the conveyor system. The conveyor system then carries the trash to an area where it is disposed of, helping you to get rid of trash within your warehouse faster and easier than ever before.

Tote and Carton Delivery

The last feature that a distribution conveyor system can do is tote and carton delivery. In a warehouse or distribution center, totes and cartons need to be transported from one part of the facility to another frequently. If the totes or cartons are not where the employees need them to be when they need them, they have to take the time to go around your facility and gather up totes and cartons. Not only is this time consuming, but it can also put strain on an employee’s back if the totes or cartoons are heavy. With a distribution system, the empty cartoons or totes can be loaded up and distributed to the part of the warehouse that needs them.

When you are looking to purchase a distribution conveyor system, it is important to take your time and find the best system out there for you. While it may be time consuming, it helps to ensure that the system will perform all of the tasks and functions you need and be the most beneficial to you.