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What you Can Expect From Car Importing When Moving From the United States to Canada

For some people, moving from the United States to Canada could be quite an exciting opportunity, whether for work or for personal reasons. After all, the US and Canada share many cultural and social benefits.  But Canada also has some of the best social and cultural benefits of Europe as an early French colony.  So you could probably argue that it has a bit of the best from many parts of the world.

Obviously, it is easy to see why anyone might want to move from the United States to Canada.  What is not quite so easy to see, however, is the process of moving from the United States into Canada, especially if you are bringing your Used Cars with you.  This is not to say, necessarily, that this process is particularly difficult—and it certainly should not deter you—but there are many things you should know about this process before you approach the border crossing.

It is important to recognize that moving to Canada is nothing like moving between states.  In the US, it is very easy to move from one state to another: you can basically just pack up your stuff and drive. Moving to Canada, though, is technically an international one and that means there are a few more steps involved. Still, Clearit car importing to Canada is nothing to worry about (especially if you know what to expect before you make the drive).

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Essentially, when planning a move to Canada it is a good idea to employ the assistance of a customs agency to help you.  This way, someone with knowledge and experience can help you with:

  • Preparing customs release paperwork for your vehicle
  • Submitting your automotive export control form
  • Paying the associated Canadian customs taxes and duties
  • Efficient coordination of the physical border crossing
  • Filling out/completing customs accounting documents
  • Providing for you an agent when you are about to cross the border
  • Getting an AES or ITN if you need one

Of course, this looks like a lot of things to manage but it really only matters if you have high value possessions like a car.  The purpose of this is to make sure:

  • You have paid the associated taxes and fees related with normal vehicle maintenance and operation
  • Your vehicle is properly regulated for normal operation on Canadian roads