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Why and How To Choose IOP Services in New Jersey  

Complete recovery from drug addiction is a process that requires willingness and dedication. Addicts can be helped in in-patient rehabs or intensive outpatient (IOP) programs. The choice of the type of medication is dependent mainly on the environment and level of addiction IOP programs in New Jersey are suitable for people committed to overcoming their addictions but cannot stay away from home, school or work. In this article are highlights of the other benefits of IOP programs and the factors to consider when choosing one.

Benefits of IOP programs

  1. Flexible

As already highlighted, IOP is a flexible way of handling drug addiction issues. If you have a busy daily routine, you can still be accommodated in the program. Most programs require that you attend regular meetings for a specific number of days per week. Each meeting lasts about 2 to three hours. Besides, you can choose to participate in the morning or evening session. In spite of the high flexibility, you will still find a high-quality group and individual counseling.

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  1. It is not rushed

Residential or inpatient treatments usually last an average of one month. The period is not adequate for handling all the issues related to addiction. Consequently, the patient is at higher risk of relapse. IOP programs in New Jersey, on the other hand, can last up to 15 weeks. This offers enough time to deal with all the facets of the addiction. However, the length of the sessions decrease as the patient improves.

  1. Imparting of lifer coping skills

The most important lesson a recovering drug user needs to learn is life skills and how to cope with the issues of life. Factors such as stress, worry, anger, depression and loneliness are some of the triggers of relapse. IOP programs will teach you the necessary skills on how to deal with financial, emotional and physical issues. The length of the program offers plenty of time to refine these abilities, eliminate and overcome cravings.

  1. Peer support

Intensive Outpatient services involve both group and individual counseling. Group counseling makes it easy to learn from the peers and understand their challenges. Peer motivation works better in treating addiction than most therapies. You can develop new hobbies and learn new skills from each other. It also offers a platform for applying what you have learnt.

The following factors should be put into consideration when choosing an IOP service provider

  • Location: You need to find one that is closer to the place of residence, work or school.
  • Treatment schedules: The key reason why one opts for an IOP is flexibility. The service provider’s program should, therefore, favor your routine.

The experts employed in the facility should be qualified and licensed. Request to see the license information for a rehab facility. It will help you ascertain that you are settling for the best service.