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Effective Tips For Translation Students

Translation skills are becoming widely sought locally and globally as more businesses are rising while languages are evolving.

Below are some tips a translation student would need to have a successful career.

Read extensively

Reading repeatedly and vast on the language, e.g. literary materials exposes you to their culture, enables you to understand terminologies, familiarizes you with the language, vocabularies and phrases applicable to the source language.

Also, when translating ensure to read through thoroughly to avoid translating out of context.

Know relevant terminology

Being familiar with the various terms conversant with the sectors gives you an edge as a translating student. Commonly uses terminologies like SL(Source Language), TL(Target Language), LION(Localization) etc., may not be easy to comprehend at first and they evolve with time, but familiarizing makes it faster.

Speak frequently

The fastest way to learn as a translation student is by regularly speaking with natives of the source language increasing your learning speed, giving you knowledge of some colloquialisms and slangs which a dictionary or textbook would not provide. You get exposed to your areas of weakness and improvement as you dialogue in groups and involve in discussions where the source language is in use.

Visit the source and target country(ies)

A translation student who will excel has to go beyond writing to understanding the Target language and Source language.

A short visit to the countries, interaction with natives, a study of their patterns, ways of life, language peculiarities, festivities, cares, history and overall behavioural design would give you first-hand knowledge as you study translation(รับแปลภาษา which is the term in Thai)

Specialize in an area

Languages are evolving continuously, while new information is added, the internet has become accessible and there is increasing competition in translation as different materials are available. Specialization enables you to choose and focus on a particular kind of document. It also gives you an increased knowledge about that field, gets you better earnings as well as good work quality.

Nonetheless, if you would prefer to diversify, then be sure to maintain professional standards and do not venture into fields you are not conversant with.

Keep updating your knowledge, attempt multiple translations often and practice more in dialogue.